Use untapped source of ubiquitous computing power!

Ultra concurrent and affordable computing for everyone.

NanoStack is a next generation computing platform powered by dense network of globally available smart devices. It enables running applications in hyper distributed and elastic environment in an affordable manner.

NanoStack provides a platform for lending your smart device for its computation resources and lets you earn money in return. It enables putting your smart device to work when it's idle and lets you recover the device cost in an effortless manner


Necessity is the mother of all inventions

There cannot be a better time for this than now!

Cloud is still expensive

Using cloud-based computation infrastructure for erratic requirements is still expensive. Hardware depreciation, cooling costs, and real-estate management makes it difficult to provide cloud-based computation services at lower prices. With NanoStack, no one owns the whole infrastructure, but together everybody does. This distribution splits the overhead cost of running computation infrastructure to such a small value that anybody can afford it. It comes down to as low as running a smart device.


Treasures of computation power are hiding in plainsight

The trend of smart devices being more powerful, smaller, and cheaper than ever before is definitely going to stay for long. Today, Smartphones are at par with mid-range laptops available in terms of hardware specs and are sufficient to carry out complex computation tasks which were once possible only on high-end servers. When idle, these devices can be put to use and can generate revenue for the owners.


Scale is just a number

Why run computing tasks concurrently on hundreds of servers when you could run those on millions of devices at the same time? Conventional computation platforms are not sufficient to handle tomorrows scale and velocity of data. The best part is, collectively, we all own the resources that can meet all of the requirements mentioned above.


Works across major platforms including chrome extensions


Services run in hyper distributed and concurrent environment

Global availability

The network of smart devices span globally thereby providing huge redundancy for better performance

Cost effective

Affordable than all of the computing platforms available

Additional income streams

With NanoStack, your device earns for you using its computational power

Completely secure

Industrial grade data encryption. Data is always encrypted, in rest and motion.

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How NanoStack works?

The NanoStack client

Users download the NanoStack client for their devices which registers the device to NanoStack servers and starts pinging device hardware's stats periodically. Depending on device capacity, NanoStack servers assign a task to the client which notify the servers and upload the output produced on task completion. Depending on successful task completions, users are paid for the computational services provided by their devices.

NanoStack consumer services

NanoStack exposes computing services which can be accessed through dashboard and APIs. Customer's computation task broken down into smaller tasks and dispatched to NanoStack clients. As soon as all the subtasks are completed, NanoStack collects the outputs and notifies the Customer

Current live devices

With NanoStack, no one owns the whole infrastructure, but together everybody does

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